Likes Machine

Interactive photo booth

This academic project is a critical piece, protesting a disturbing yet popular phenomenon. Teens perform extreme actions on social media in an attempt to attain social affirmation.


A photo booth will examine the extreme things young people will do on social media. The booth will tempt users to create the perfect social media post. It will test what they are willing to do to gain ‘likes’.


The booth is intended to be placed in commercial centers, frequented by the target audience (young girls age 14-24). 

The Challange

The users must trust the machine. The environment is glamorous, almost delusional, masking the dangers hidden in the content. The interface dazzles and radicalized users by focusing on the number of likes they can earn with each action. The interface focuses users' possible gain and downsized users' consciences.

screens mockup.png
brendon-thompson-465146-unsplash pink.pn