Schneider Hospital

urological tracking app 

As part of my work at Yellowtale Studio (Zemingo Design), I designed the app for the Urology Department at Schneider Children's Hospital.

The app aims to help doctors diagnose urological problems in examined children.

The target audience is children aged 5-8 who will need some guidance from an adult.

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The Challange

During the examination, children log different actions in their diary for 3 full days: urination, urinary incontinence, drinking, and feces.


The biggest problem described by the medical staff is the lack of motivation to fill the diary, from both parents and kids. This poses a serious problem. Incorrect or inaccurate logs may lead to incorrect diagnosis and inaccurate care protocol. 


The biggest challenge was creating a positive and encouraging environment for the child. To increase children's and parents' usage motivation, I had to understand their emotional needs

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