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Imagine waking up one morning having lost your ability to express your wants and needs by voice. Most of us take for granted our ability to verbally communicate our feelings, ideas, and desires. However, clear vocal communication is challenging for over 100 million people worldwide.


Voiceitt’s designed to understand non-standard speech patterns and its core mission is to make voice recognition technology truly accessible to everyone. Committed helping children and adults around the world communicate freely, spontaneously, and naturally by voice.


Yubi the parrot accompanies the users throughout all use of the product. He's there in their successes and difficulties.
Yubi is a representation of Voiceitt itself - which is a kind of a friend and an understanding guide, serves as a mentor for the journey.

He is known for his sociable nature, Shyness, and honesty. We love him for his clumsiness and insecurity that reminds us of our users.

The Challange

There were some significant challenges that we had to face when started working on the digital product. 

We knew that a large number of people who experience speech difficulty will also experience motor difficulties that could make it harder for them to use a regular mobile app. Some users will need the assistance of another person, usually caregiver or family member, to succeed using the app.

Besides, since the app learns the user’s unique pronunciation, the user must spend time and effort before seeing real value in the product.

To overcome these obstacles we made several decisions.

• In addition to the regular interface, the app needs to be functional hands-free using only voice commands.

• The interface must be easy to use with big buttons and simple instructions in addition to supporting Tablet devices.

• We need to encourage the user by illustrating the app's value already in the learning phase and reward for progress and success along the way.

How does it work?

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